Delhi State Judiciary Syllabus

Delhi State Judiciary Syllabus


In the preliminary examination questions on general knowledge and aptitude of the candidate, candidate’s power of expression, flair in English, knowledge of objective type legal problems and their solutions covering Constitution of India, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Penal Code, Contract Act, Partnership Act, principles governing Arbitration Law, Evidence Act, Specific Relief Act and Limitation Act.

General KnowledgeAptitudeCandidate’s Power of ExpressionEnglish
Constitution of IndiaCode of Civil ProcedureCode of Criminal ProcedureIndian Penal Code
Contract ActPartnership ActPrinciples Governing Arbitration LawEvidence Act
Specific Relief Act and Limitation Act


The Main Examination (written) will comprise of four papers on the following subjects and each subject will carry maximum marks below:
1. Essay & General Knowledge and Language: This paper shall comprise of two sections.
Section I: General Knowledge: This is to test the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs. (100 marks)
Section II: Essay, Precis writing & Language(Translation): (150 marks)

  1. Civil Law I: Indian Contract Act, Indian Sale of Goods Act, Indian Partnership Act, Specific Relief Act, Hindu Law, Mohammedan Law, Delhi Rent Control Act and Law of Torts. (200 marks)
  2. Civil Law II: Civil Procedure Code, Law of Evidence, Law of Limitation and Law of Registration. (200 marks)
  3. Criminal Law: Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code and Indian Evidence Act. (200 marks)
Paper 1 – Essay & GK & Language
General KnowledgeEssay, Precis Writing & Language (Translation)
Paper 2 – Civil Law I
Indian Contract LawIndian Sale of Goods Act
Indian Partnership ActSpecific Relief Act
Hindu LawMohammedan Law
Delhi Rent Control ActLaw of Torts
Paper 3 – Civil Law II
Civil Procedure CodeLaw of Evidence 
Law of LimitationLaw of Registration
Paper 4 – Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure CodeIndian Penal Code
Indian Evidence Act


  1. Viva-Voce will carry 150 marks. Only such candidates will be called for viva-voce who have obtained 40 percent marks in each written paper and 50 percent marks in the aggregate except in the case of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Tribes. In whose case the qualifying marks will be 35 percent marks in each written paper and 45 percent marks in the aggregate.
  2. The marks obtained in the viva-voce will be added to the marks obtained in the Main Examination (written) and the candidate’s position will depend on the aggregate of both.

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